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How to crack IBPS PO exam (strategy)

IBPS is one of the most popular exam conducting organization in todays time for job aspiring candidates. It basicly conducts all the bank related exams for various posts. Probationary officer also known as PO is one of the exam they conduct.  It is grade-I  post and more than 6 lac candidates apply every year for this exam.

Pattern of exam

Exam consists of  3stages commonly known as tiers
Tier-1 i.e Pre exam  which is the first stage of  PO selection which consist of  1hour test  of English, quantitative aptitude and reasoning.

Tier-2 i.e Mains exam which is the second stage of  PO selection and which consist of  2 hour test  of English, quantitative aptitude, Reasoning & Computer Aptitude and General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness.
Interview- this is third and final stage for PO selection and after this merit list is prepared and allotment letters are issued to candidates who made it in merit list.

Strategy (simple yet effective)

So now you must be well aware that it is a long process and it will test you mentally and physically both as you have to keep working hard for 2-3 months rigorously.
Now your mind would be questioning you how to crack this exam…. Right?
First of all lets make it clear this job doesn't require any smartness or extra intelligent people like IITians.
It’s a sheer hard work that’s it.
These exams are designed in such a way just to  test your analytical speed and nothing else. So it’s a game who can  finish solving problems in least time. (if you are given 4hrs to solve the paper, you can easily solve the whole paper…. So stop thinking you don’t know questions in the paper.)
Lets make it easier for you and talk in steps:

Step 1: You should make a strategy to tackle the exam. (For example if you find yourself good in quants section then allot less time for that section by practicing more so that you can reduce the time and give more time to other sections.) lets discuss in    detail how to make a planned strategy.

Step 2: Let start with quantitative section. Quant is a problem for more than 82% candidate who apply for PO exam and find it difficult to excel in this section. So if you can master this section then you have advantage over 82% competitor already. Lets discuss it in detail, for quants section you should start by simplification topic and clear basic first by learning BODMAS, remembering tables till 25 (if possible go upto 30), learning square root cube root. If will help you to speed up your calculations skills. Devote plenty of time to master simplification then move to next topic. We will post different posts for different sections later.

Step 3: Now lets talk about reasoning, it is the most fun and easy doing topic in all sections. Here you don’t have to do calculations to find the solutions, you just need to use your analytical power and can get the answers in seconds. And you should target to solve all the questions in this section, this will make a lot of difference in cut off. You should perfect yourself in inequalities, coding-decoding, blood relations and many more topics. Remember the more hard work you put in, the more reward you will get.

Step 4: English is also 87% candidates problem so if your good in this section then its an advantage for you but if you are not then also you can do well, lets talk how. You should start reading news paper on daily basis and try to understand the topic. And refer English book for better understanding.

                        Always remember never stop learning new thing and never stop perfecting yourself.

Step 5: General awareness, this is also one of difficult sections in exam not because questions are tough, it is because we don’t give much importance to this section. In this section you can score the most. How? You should buy 2-3 different magazines in a month and just read 20-30 pages daily(just read them no need to work hard to remember) and just read those paper again after 15days(you get hardly 100 important news every month and they keep repeating every month so by just reading them regularly they can easily be remembered).

Step 6: Computer awareness- In today's time we all know much about computers so this section is quite easy for all of us. So what you can do is simply buy any computer book for competitive exam and read it and  you easily do well in exam.

Step 7: This is the most important, hard working and patience testing work to you have to do i.e practice practice and practice. You should solve at least 1 mock test on daily basis (advisable is to go for 2test/day). The more you test yourself the more you will come to know about your weakness and you can improve in that section.

Remember you just have to work hard for 4months so that you enjoy rest of your life. Devote quality 6-8 hours a day for preparation and you can 100% crack this exam. Give up your mobile Facebook Instagram snap chat for just few months and just focus on your performance. You will thank yourself for rest of your life.

Give us feedback what do you think about this post and suggest what you want us write about.

See if you have read this topic till last and you are reading this line, then trust me you have it in you because you are enthusiastic for this and you are serious for this exam. Just start working hard and get that thing done

thank you!!


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